This is a stage for relaxing for most of the competitors who will take starter’s orders in Cordoba. There may be the chance of stealing one or two places for some, or a long route to overcome with a sore wrist or knee for others. These are all good reasons for remaining highly concentrated. The final short and quick special stage of the Dakar 2011 will finish at the Baradero racing track where a great show and thrills are guaranteed.
We will be watching this stage on YouTube and the Dakar iPhone app. The real race is over, and we will miss the parade of the participants in Buenos Aires.
Al Attiyah asked me to come say hi at the finish line in Buenos Aires, which regretfully I will need to take a rain check on. Coma, was to arrogant to talk to the fans, so I will keep the photo ops as memory from him.
We had an adventure of a lifetime, wrapped around a one of a kind world rally event, The Dakar. It was a dream I had growing up and this was as close as I got to fulfilling it.
Long live adventure, long live the Dakar, and here is to new friends.