Day 5 ended as expected. We arrived after a relative short
day, to Iquique, a north Chile town that is nested between the high
desert and the ocean. The town is world famous for having the
tallest dune in the world, as it’s backdrop. Like living next to a
giant sand box. The end of stage 5, is the ride of all vehicles,
down that sand wall. 3/4 of a mile ( about a kilometer long) and at
a frightening angle. We gracefully took the road and drove around
it, as the 1200GS would be hard to manage through such a long
stretch in the sand, let alone two up. It was spectacular. Seeing
the massive trucks roll down the dunes, was a sight for the movies.
I tried capturing it, but without a tele lens, anything will do it
injustice. Point and shoot cameras, in this case my iPhone 4, just
won’t cut it. Check out the footage on YouTube at:

Robbie Gordon, came hauling down the side of the
dune, five hours after the first stage winners came in, in an
attempt to cut the line of racers at the top of the dune. Before
reaching the Bivuac, he started zigzagging his way back up the
dune. rumor has it, that he had to get back up since he missed one
of the checkpoints along the way. We may get a confirmation in the
next few days.