Marc Coma won the bike stage on a KTM. Stage three for our team, started the ascent to the Andes
and the border crossing. Our track (which can be viewed on Spot at
)took us to the high desert with top elevation for today reaching
13,000 ft or about 4,000 m. We spent 17 hours on the bike today,
running a total of 470 miles, over 700 km’ with 200 of those on
what will probably be the race track of tomorrow’s Stage. It is an
endurance trip for us, with elements of group’s dynamics and
personal physical challenge. But rolling into our overnight
location, and taking a shower and a cold Beer, wipes it all away
and I find myself quickly starting to prepare for tomorrow’s
challenge. Today’s tally: Two lost and found team members, one
stolen bike, later found back by local police. 470 mile of riding
with 8,000 ft elevation climb, 200 km on a dirt road, with Lamas
and wild donkeys darting across the track. We have shed the first
team member who gave up due to technical riding ability, and second
rider will be dropping from our team tomorrow. Tomorrow we are
crossing the border to Chile on the famous san Francisco pass, at
16,000 ft elevation. This pass is in the detest place on earth. No
precipitation has been recorded there, since people started
recording weather. Off to bed. It.s 1:45 am in Jujuy, Argentina.
The from runners in the race, will be passing under our window as
of 6 am tomorrow morning.