… if adventure is about testing one’s flexibility and
ability to deal with anything that gets thrown your way, then we
are off to a good start. Jim has been cruising the ports of Buenos
Aires, trying to find a way to get our support truck released from
customs, with little luck. Next thing, our flight is delayed. We
now have a 60 minutes window for gate change. Cross our fingers.
Last time I went on a trip of this magnitude with Jim, we lost our
way on a dirt road, up a canyon somewhere in no man land in Mexico.
Adding insult to injury, it was cold, rainy and then it turned
dark… Needless to say, we made it back safe, even though one of
our team members flew over a cliff and was hanging off a tree until
we came by to pull him back to the road. Adventures make for good
stories, if you live long enough to tell them… OK let’s not get
carried away. Right now, I am talking about a delay in a flight,
business class, from SFO to Houston. We didn’t even cross the
equator at this point, or got to our first stop in Panama.
Regardless, I’ll keep you posted.